a mad tea party.

credit: samantha hughes

the naked bunch.

by charlotte guest.

I saw a bunch of ladies today and accidentally imagined them naked.

This is because I've seen the movie Calendar Girls, where old women strategically place watering cans and home-knitted beanies in front of the naughty areas, take pictures, and make a surprisingly successful calendar. And that looked like something these women would do.

dancing in the small town firelight.

credit: ingrid wang

the wild youth.

by kimberley veart.

Let's swim in our underwear, in the middle of winter. Drink wine from mugs in the afternoon.
Let's roll down the car windows and sing. Dance like we're drunk when we aren't, and have long conversations with interesting strangers. Take pictures and pull faces, not just smile sedately.  

When we're apart we can send postcards in the mail, so that we have more than bills in the letter box. We'll greet each other with all the excitement of friends reunited after several years, even if it was only last Tuesday.  

tiny dancer.

credit: demi cambridge

romantic dinner for one.

by hayley stockall
I’d like to propose something that everyone should do: date yourself. 

Regardless of whether you’re single or not, date yourself. Wear a new dress, apply some mascara and settle in to see a movie where you won’t have to share the popcorn.

It can be a little daunting the first time. You might feel like you need company to enjoy a movie, or to dine at a restaurant, or to marvel at an art exhibition. And it is nice to have someone to laugh alongside, or to steal potato chips from their plate. But, sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy your own company.   

this was the beginning.

credit: mary parker
"like I'm falling out of bed,
from a long and weary dream"