calendar girls.

by charlotte guest

Each member of my family has their own calendar.
  • This is where we spread out our respective to-do lists so that we feel like busy, busy people. My square for today boasts "return dvds", mum's has "shopping" (we're talking groceries), and dad's has "golf", like every other square of his.
 We also have ‘the family calendar’.

  • The family calendar is a collective work. It stores the more significant occasions that we feel the other house-mates should know about. Today is blank. In three squares time the calendar says "Charlotte's Birthday", which translates to "I remembered". The main problem with the family calendar is that it's incomprehensible. Mum appears to write in code: someone please tell me what "ZZCC" could be - it happens every second Saturday. And this Tuesday something called "WASD" is going down. Dad's hand-writing is frankly appalling. Tomorrow he is off to what looks like "Bork Bifant".
Then there is ‘the show calendar',

  • A number of people buy us calendars too special to use. They masquerade as personalised, bottom-of-your-heart gifts, but the fact they come from borderline forgotten relatives and acquaintances makes them reek of desperation. 
    "What do they like?!"
    "Um... time?"
  • Obviously, it's the thought that counts, and seeing as we also ship off calendars to those in our outer circles, these show calendars come and go in a comfortable mist of mutual nonchalance.

the android calendar,

  • The calendar in my phone is a notch above the others in one important respect: the reminder.
the university diary and the yearly planner.
  • The yearly planner is basically a humbling-device - a big, poster-sized statement that anything you do this year will have rather weak ripple-on effects.

No one advertises their availability like me.

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